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-   ABOUT US  -

GastroPunk is the brainchild of renowned chef Dave Ahern.

With a reputation for scratch making everything on his menu, Dave has long believed that there is no reason the tasty food that we crave can't be good for you to. His refusal to accept that certain dishes could only be eaten as a guilty pleasure lead him to develop a wide range of ingredients and products for his menu much to his diner's delight, even if they didn't know the food they were enjoying was actually good for their health too. 

Through GastroPunk we want to take these products from our kitchen to yours.

Our first products to launch will be a Bacon Ketchup and a Bacon Buffalo Sauce, both pack incredible unique flavor, both are made using real bacon and both have less than 25% of the salt and sugar of leading brands. 

Whether you use them as  an accompaniment to your meal or indeed as an ingredient they will bring wonderful flavor to your food. 

All of the dishes featured on this site were created by Chef Dave using these products as a key ingredient. 


It's Gourmet, Our Way
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